Mrs. Musgrove Battling Cancer

I love this web site because a portion of the proceeds go to cancer research and gives hope that someday we won’t have to lose loved ones to this terrible disease This blog is great because it gives a place for people to share their stories and experiences with cancer. This site also helps to build awareness about the disease, it is too easy to forget what the disease can do and if we make people more aware then our odds of finding cures and treatments will increase.

This year we lost a wonderful teacher, mother of 2, and friend to breast cancer. Nicki Musgrove was an inspiration to all who came in contact with her. Mrs. Musgrove learned she had cancer 20 days after she married in 1999. Until this school year, Mrs. Musgrove’s art students didn’t know she was battling cancer. But in mid-September, she was hospitalized for a week due to a blood clot. Nicki passed away on Sunday, February 26, 2012 after a 12 year battle with breast cancer. It is terrible to lose someone who is such an inspiration and great person, especially in the prime years of life and mother of 2 small children.

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