About us

Welcome to Live for Life, Hope for All's online store for cancer T shirts, products, & other cancer awareness merchandise. We have come together and, feeling empowered, excited to make our own contribution to the fight against cancer, created a unique line of sportswear for the warriors fighting to defeat cancer.


We know each and every one of you has been touched by cancer, as have we. It is an insidious disease that knows no age, race, religion, or gender. It frightens, haunts and isolates. And amazingly, it inspires, encourages, and empowers. While the disease itself is terrible, peoples’ reaction to it is nothing short of awe inspiring. It is in this vein of personal faith and triumph that we bring to you our line “Live for Life, Hope for All”.


Everyone has a story, and no two stories are the same. But a shared goal is uniting; we are after all, a team fighting to score the ultimate goal. Different types of cancers seem to be represented by their own vocabulary, colors, ribbons, and voices. Our goal in creating Live for Life, Hope for All is for one team uniform, representing all kinds, so that as a community we can strive to defeat every type of cancer, period.


It is our belief that, with your help, we at MCCC Sportswear can truly make a difference. Our expertise in the sportswear industry, coupled with your support, will bring awareness, comfort, community, motivation, and a team spirit to all who wear our line.


The ability to do this is for us humbling and rewarding.